5 thoughts on “CINESA MÉNDEZ ÁLVARO 3D – Cinema, Madrid

  1. I was visiting Spain from the USA and was lucky enough to catch Tim Burton’s CORPSE BRIDE on a dreary, rainy afternoon in Madrid. What a beautiful if heart-wrenching movie it is. It says something important about cinematic art that in any kind of movie, including of course an animated one, you can accomplish the most profound and moving human communication possible. I have seen all but 2 or 3 of Burton’s films and together they represent an unusual and difficult cinema of fear and comedy, romance and tragedy, popular culture and infinite longing. I have seen the movie just that once and I am glad I saw it in Madrid.

  2. This is a very big movie theater. The concession stand has many snack options from your typical popcorn to jamón Serrano. You can purchase drinks at this location as well. The movie rooms are large, the screens are gigantic and the seats are very comfortable.

  3. Relaxing, entertaining, inviting. Nice place to go with the family.

  4. Good theater for VOSE (Original Version) movies, nice stadium seats, lots of parking, nice cheap matinee rates, overall good place! I tend to like Manoteras better for the dining options, BUT negatives there are parking, not great for people that are afraid of heights (VOSE is usually on the top (3rd) floor, no elevator), and weird exit/re-entry aet-up. So yeah, this one is good for simple movie-going fun!

  5. It has multiple screens, one of the theaters which plays English movies

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