What happens if you want to say goodbye to a loved one but this suddenly no longer find ? The short film "Farewell" tells how want to accompany a group of friends with different characters their deceased friend and brother on a last trip and so much goes wrong.

In bizarre and comical way this short satire will pull you in its spell - and what, if such a thing happened once to me?

Director: Urs Källin Award: Jury Special Mention

Alegria – A Humanitarian Expedition tells the story of an epic solo expedition across the Himalaya that changed the life of hundreds of people in need and reached millions around the world. In 2010, Christoph von Toggenburg cycled alone 3200km along the world’s highest tracks pulling a 30kg trailer packed with survival gear in support of leprosy patients and mentally destitute women in India,
With little air to breathe and temperatures between minus15 to plus 45 degrees Celcius he crossed mountain passes higher than 5500m mastering a total of 50’000m.

Director: Christoph von Toggenburg Award: Humanitarian Award

Conflict photographer Kate Brooks turns her lens from the war zones she is used to covering to a new kind of genocide- the killing of African Elephants and Rhinos- in this sweeping and sobering expose of an underreported crisis. As the single-digit population of Northern White Rhinoceros ticks closer to zero, Brooks outlines the myriad factors contributing to the current epidemic of highly effective poaching and trafficking syndicates, drawing startling connections between the illegal wildlife trade and international terrorism and border security.

Director: Kate Brooks Award: Best Documentary Feature / Best Photography

The story is about Osvaldo Caforio, interpreted by Paolo Graziosi, an elderly watchmaker who finds himself a victim of bureaucracy by having to be “reborn”. And that’s exactly what happens. Osvaldo is reborn into the world and he finds himself in an infant’s body!

Director: Max Chicco Award: Best Actor

Louise, a young care assistant, performs an internship in a retirement home, final step before the hiring that she hopes for. Her unexpected encounter with an old amnesic man, Mr Vadim, leads the young woman to face a decisive choice. Her future is about to tip over.

Director: Valérie Théodore Award: Jury Special Mention

Julie and her cousin Sandrine have decided to meet in town for a rather special day of shopping, similar to wedding preparations. And although young women seem happy to meet again after all these years, the atmosphere is heavy. Admittedly Julie door to face the traces of an unequivocal hematoma...


Director: Gilbert Glogowski Award: Social Awareness Award

Nicolas Mueller is one of the most revered and iconic snowboarders of all time. We live in a world which typically demands us to obey things we might not believe in. Nicolas shows how he tackled these obstacles in order to find his true path, a conscientious path towards self realization. This film offers an opportunity to get to know the king of style like never before. Almost entirely in his own words, Nicolas takes you through the important events in his life which lead him to where he is today.

Director: Nicolas Mueller Award: Best Director

A couple decided to make a closure of their relationship and chose a unique way to finish it.

Director: Wenxuan Yang Award: Best Student Film
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