Opening Night Eurocinema Film Festival
Experience the red carpet glamour of Opening Night Eurocinema Film Festival.

Official Competition
The Film Prizes are the pinnacle of the competitive awards at Eurocinema Film Festival, presented in recognition of the most courageous, audacious and cutting-edge cinema.

Documentary Award
Film Festival is honoured to present the Documentary films submitted from all around the world.
This prestigious competition is now in its first year.

Awards For Short Films
Eurocinema Film Festival’s short film competition, has launched the careers of many directors, writers, producers, cinematographers and other film creatives.

Features Awards
Discover captivating stories from great cinematic storytellers.
See prizewinners from the world’s most prestigious festivals alongside new works that deserve to be known.

International Documentaries
This year’s Film Festival International Documentary program demonstrates that documentaries continue to be the New Black of the cinematic world.

Family Films
Share the excitement of the Festival with your whole family.


Eurocinema Film Festival would be hold this year on 30th October, 2018 in Royal Holloway University of London, Egham Hill, TW20 0EX


  Official Selection 2018        
  Film Country Duration Category Directors
  Back Track Austria 00:07:00 Experimental Film Virgil Widrich
  ALZHAÏMOUR Belgium 00:14:36 Short Pierre Van de Kerckhove
  CORKY United States 00:05:45 Animation Ty Primosch
  Leipzig Fairy Tale Germany 00:22:41 Short Anaïs Clerc-Bedouet
  Don't Think of a Pink Elephant United Kingdom 00:07:20 Animation Suraya Raja
  The accompanying dancer France 00:24:25 Short Karleener
  Once upon a dream Belgium 00:13:25 Short Anthony Nion
  FIFO Belgium 00:12:00 Student Film Sacha Ferbus, Jeremy Puffet
  Zoetrope Bulgaria 01:40:43 Animation Sotir Gelev
  Nothing But the Wind Bosnia and Herzegovina 01:25:00 Feature Timur Makarevic
  Sculpt the Motion Italy 00:06:08 Experimental Film Devis Venturelli
  Night talk with a hangman Russian Federation 00:20:00 Short Yakov Sivchenko
  Between Seconds United States 00:20:00 Short, International Film Nora Jaenicke
  The Chessmaster, The Artist, The Priest and The Gypsy United States 113 Pages Screenplay Robert Cole
  Shouted from the Rooftops Netherlands 00:07:00 Short Beri Shalmashi
  Sindrome Italy 00:15:00 Short Rina La Gioia
  ENTRE DEUX EAUX France 00:28:10 Short Patrice CORDONNIER
  Marina United States 00:13:02 Student Film Story Chen
  A Christmas Carol Italy 00:12:38 Short Luca Vecchi
  About Patience Switzerland 00:24:39 Short Till Gmuer
  The Health Fanatic Italy 00:13:07 Short Luca Jankovic
  On the bench Hungary 00:14:58 Short Csaba Vékes
  Eternal Waltz Germany 00:13:11 Short Laurie Lamson
  Somewhere in Tonga Germany 01:37:00 Dramatic Feature Film Florian Schewe
  FAITH United States 00:22:00 Short Kymberly Harris
  Katherine of Sinai United Kingdom 01:53:00 Feature Michael Redwood
  INDIGO LAKE Australia 01:32:00 Feature MARTIN SIMPSON
  Zebrafish:  Practically People, Transforming the Study of Disease United States 00:09:46 Documentary Short Jennifer A. Manner
  Elvis Walks Home Albania 01:34:04 Feature Fatmir Koci
  Elephant Path / Njaia Njoku United States 00:52:00 Documentary Feature Todd McGrain
  Paulette in Paris France 00:16:31 Short Isabelle Sophie Arouë
  The Fixies. Top Secret Russian Federation 01:15:00 Animation Vasily Bedoshvili, Andrey Kolpin, Ivan Pshonkin 
  Alone France 00:15:25 Short Antoine Laurens
  One Nation Under God United States 01:30:00 Feature Lisa Arnold
  MADAGASIKARA United States 01:24:15 Documentary Feature Cam Cowan
  Lessons in Seeing United States 01:38:40 Documentary Feature Yehuda Sharim
  Uprooting Bulgaria 01:26:00 Documentary Feature Kostadin Bonev


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