Julie and her cousin Sandrine have decided to meet in town for a rather special day of shopping, similar to wedding preparations. And although young women seem happy to meet again after all these years, the atmosphere is heavy. Admittedly Julie door to face the traces of an unequivocal hematoma...


Domestic violence, psychological abuse, sexual assault, rape, harassment: according to a recent report by the European Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), one in three women living in the European Union (33%), 62 million women, were victims of physical and / or sexual abuse since the age of 15.
«The survey conducted by the FRA shows that sexual physical violence and psychological against women constitute serious violations of human rights in all member states,» said in a statement Morten Kjaerum, director of FRA. «The vast extent of the problem indicates that violence against women affects not only the victims but affects every day society.»
The European Agency also wants countries consider domestic violence as an issue «requiring state intervention rather than a private matter» ...
Engaged for ten years in the fight against domestic violence, Gilbert Głogowski is working with associations in the implementation of prevention programs, he speaks regularly on radio, in newspapers and various blogs to fight against this scourge by information and awareness.
The short film JE T’AIME À LA FOLIE (MAD LOVE) is one that aims to stimulate questioning and debate. Beyond traditional distribution channels (TV and festivals), the film will be widely distributed in Europe in the context of debates projections, including November 25, International Day against Violence against Women. Since the establishment of the project’s Facebook page, dozens of testimonies of abused women reached the director of all social and cultural backgrounds.

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