Extra Session Program 2019

The Eurocinema Film Festival have decided to hold an additional screening session. The selected films will be shown in Geneva on 23st of March 2019 at an Extra Session of the Eurocinema Film Festival. In this new program all of the films that received an award for the last session of 2018 plus some other interesting films from the 2018 session will be screened there. New submissions will not be accepted for the screening. This event is officially announced.

Extra Session Program 2019
  Film Country Duration Category Directors Award
  Back Track Austria 00:07:00 Experimental Film Virgil Widrich Best Experimental Film 
  ALZHAÏMOUR Belgium 00:14:36 Short Pierre Van de Kerckhove Official Selection
  Don't Think of a Pink Elephant United Kingdom 00:07:20 Animation Suraya Raja Official Selection
  The accompanying dancer France 00:24:25 Short Karleener Official Selection
  Once upon a dream Belgium 00:13:25 Short Anthony Nion Official Selection
  FIFO Belgium 00:12:00 Student Film Sacha Ferbus, Jeremy Puffet Official Selection
  Nothing But the Wind Bosnia and Herzegovina 01:25:00 Feature Timur Makarevic Best Feature 
  Night talk with a hangman Russian Federation 00:20:00 Short Yakov Sivchenko Official Selection
  Between Seconds United States 00:20:00 Short, International Film Nora Jaenicke Best Director 
  The Chessmaster, The Artist, The Priest and The Gypsy United States 113 Pages Screenplay Robert Cole Best Screenplay 
  Shouted from the Rooftops Netherlands 00:07:00 Short Beri Shalmashi Official Selection
  Sindrome Italy 00:15:00 Short Rina La Gioia Official Selection
  Marina United States 00:13:02 Student Film Story Chen Best Student Film 
  A Christmas Carol Italy 00:12:38 Short Luca Vecchi Official Selection
  The Health Fanatic Italy 00:13:07 Short Luca Jankovic Official Selection
  On the bench Hungary 00:14:58 Short Csaba Vékes Official Selection
  Eternal Waltz Germany 00:13:11 Short Laurie Lamson Official Selection to Extra Session 2019
  FAITH United States 00:22:00 Short Kymberly Harris Official Selection
  Zebrafish: Practically People, Transforming the Study of Disease United States 00:09:46 Documentary Short Jennifer A. Manner Best Documentary Short 
  Paulette in Paris France 00:16:31 Short Isabelle Sophie Arouë Official Selection
  Alone France 00:15:25 Short Antoine Laurens Best Short 
  MADAGASIKARA United States 01:24:15 Documentary Feature Cam Cowan Best Documentary Feature 
6 minutes 7 seconds
  by Michael Enzbrunner Official Selection to Extra Session 2019
12 minutes 23 seconds
  by Bruno Kratochvil Official Selection to Extra Session 2019


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